How Provably Protect Works - Buying And Selling

Buying A Wildlife Photograph Or Art NFT

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View The Photos And Art

The wildlife pictures and artworks are arranged in limited edition collections according to the country they were taken or created in and alphabetically by the organization/photographer/artist that created them.

So how it works is that there are two marketplaces on Provably Protect, one for cryptocurrency wallet owners and another one for buyers who don't have crypto wallets and don't intend to get in the near future. You will see that under each photograph in the collection there is an option to buy that will go to the relevant marketplace.

These are one of a kind photographs and artworks because each one can be listed only once on the Provably Protect platform.

After being registered on the blockchain they become provably unique with an ownership certificate (NFT) to match.

Once you are ready, click on the relevant link under the photo or artwork you are interested in, 'Crypto Wallet Owner' if you own a crypto wallet or the 'No Crypto Wallet Needed' link if you don't.

That will lead to the image on the relevant Provably Protect marketplace with the price and the opportunity to buy.

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Buy Using A Crypto Wallet, Or Buy Without One

If you have a cryptocurrency wallet...

After clicking on the 'Crypto Wallet Owner' link in the collection, connect your wallet to buy at the marketplace. You can pay in MATIC tokens on the Polygon blockchain after which the nft will be transferred directly to your wallet.

If you don't have a cryptocurrency wallet...

No problem, you don't need one to buy and own Provably Protect wildlife photos and art.

After clicking on the 'No Crypto Wallet Needed' link you will be prompted to open an account at the marketplace at the point of purchase. You can then buy the image using US dollars and pay with a credit, debit card or Paypal. The NFT gets stored in escrow in your name by Provably Protect.

Once you've made payment at either marketplace, the original, high resolution digital photograph or artwork image will be made available to you for download.

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Buying Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Cryptocurrency To Buy A NFT Photograph Or Artwork?

No. To enable as many people as possible to own the photographs/art and contribute to wildlife conservation, they can be paid for in US dollars, without cryptocurrency or even a cryptocurrency wallet.

The NFT is registered in your name and placed in escrow by Provably Protect for you.

Do I Need A Cryptocurrency Wallet?

No, you can purchase a Provably Protect NFT without having a cryptocurrency wallet because we store it for you in your name in escrow.

If you decide that you want to take your NFT out of escrow with Provably Protect then you can so at any time, but then you will need your own cryptocurrency wallet.

We recommend Metamask as one of the most trusted and user friendly cryptocurrency wallets. Get yours for free here...

Can The Photographs Or Artwork NFT Increase in Value?

Yes, they definitely could. As more people become aware that they can contribute to wildlife conservation and earn some money for themselves by buying these one of a kind photos and art pieces, their value could rise.

NFT sales in the first half of 2021 reached an amazing $2.5 billion so it's very clear that people are finding value in owning NFT's and are willing to spend money on them.

A wildlife photograph set a new record in June 2021 by selling for the amount of $86 510. View the list of the most expensive wildlife NFT's here...

It all depends on what bidders are willing to pay when the photographs and artworks are auctioned.

How Is The Conservation Organization Chosen?

The conservation organization that will receive donations from the sale and purchase of photographs or artwork in a collection is chosen by the company or individual that created the wildlife collection themselves, such as a photographer or artist.

They are often involved in conservation in some manner, so they are very well placed to be able to choose the conservation organization that will make the most difference on the front line for wildlife protection.

How Much Is Contributed To Wildlife Conservation?

40% of the profit from the first purchase of each photograph or artwork NFT is contributed to a wildlife conservation organization.

Each time the NFT is sold after that, 4% of the profit goes to wildlife conservation.

How Does The Payment Work?

Cryptocurrency Wallet Marketplace: Payment is possible in Matic cryptocurrency using your crypto wallet.

No Cryptocurrency Wallet Marketplace: Payment is possible in US dollars by bank transfer (EFT), credit/debit card (Visa or MasterCard) or Paypal.

Which Blockchain Are The NFT's Registered On?

All Provably Protect wildlife photograph and Art NFT's are registered on the Polygon block chain which is compatible with the Ethereum network.

This blockchain is very energy efficient and eco-friendly because it functions on a proof of stake basis and not proof of work like many other, energy intensive blockchains.

Find out more about nft environmental impacts here...

Have More Questions?

Feel free to ask by getting in touch with us...

Selling Your NFT Wildlife Photograph Or Artwork

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Contribute To Conservation Again

You've decided that the time has come to sell your unique NFT to possibly realise a profit and contribute to conservation again.

So 4% of the proceeds of the sale of the NFT will be contributed to the relevant partner conservation organization.

And 90% of the profit (minus marketplace fees) goes to you, as the owner of the photograph or artwork NFT.


Place Your NFT Up For Sale

If you have a cryptocurrency wallet...

Find your NFT and then put it up for sale on Opensea here: Provably Protect Opensea collection

If you don't have a cryptocurrency wallet...

Get in touch with us when you are ready to sell your NFT and we will add it to the Provably Protect NFT marketplace at a sale price of your choosing.

Once the NFT has sold and payment has been made, the NFT will be transferred to the new buyer by Provably Protect, and the money owed to you will be paid into an account of your choice.

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Selling Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Cryptocurrency To Sell My NFT?

Cryptocurrency Wallet Marketplace: Yes, you will need some MATIC cryptocurrency in your wallet to be able to sell your NFT on Opensea.

No Cryptocurrency Wallet Marketplace: No, the cryptocurrency fee to transfer the blockchain registered photo or artwork certificate of ownership (NFT) from your wallet into escrow with Provably Protect when you sell is paid for by Provably Protect, so you don't have to obtain or spend any cryptocurrency at all.

And the cryptocurrency fee to transfer the NFT to the new buyer after a successful auction is also paid for by Provably Protect.

When and How Do I Get Paid?

Cryptocurrency Wallet Marketplace: Opensea will transfer the relevant Matic cryptocurrency to your wallet after the sale has taken place and the NFT has been automatically transferred to the new owners wallet.

No Cryptocurrency Wallet Marketplace: Once the sale has been successfully completed, and the buyer has paid the amount owed over to Provably Protect, we will transfer the amount owed to you into a payment account of your choosing. Payment can be made by EFT into your bank account or a transfer to your Paypal Account.

How Much Can I Sell My NFT For?

The delling price for your NFT is set by you, being the owner of the photograph or artwork.

It doesn't make sense to set the price too high because then it won't sell, and then neither you nor wildlife conservation will benefit, so make sure that the selling price is reasonable.

How Much Is Contributed To Wildlife Conservation?

40% of the profit from the first sale of each NFT is contributed to a wildlife conservation organization.

Another 4% of the profit goes to wildlife conservation for every NFT resold after that.

Have More Questions?

Feel free to ask by getting in touch with us...